ALERT: Amazon Prime on SALE

For today — September 25 — only, Amazon Prime is on sale! The normal yearly fee is $99 but is reduced to $67 today.

What Amazon Prime Includes:

~ Free 2-Day Shipping On Millions of Items
~ Unlimited Instant Steaming of Amazon Instant Watch
~ Borrow Kindle Books for Free
~ Unlimited Steaming of Prime Music
~ Unlimited Photo Storage

Already signed up? I have not confirmed this, but I am told that you can gift yourself the membership. When confirming the gift tell it to start from the day after your membership expires and make sure you turn off auto-renew.

When we signed up, I was uncertain whether we would use it. Now that I’ve discovered a love for doing reviews [blog post coming soon] I couldn’t be without it. I’ll admit to binge watching Inspector Lewis.

This is the perfect time for you to sign up, as holiday shopping is just around the corner!

Sign up for Amazon Prime

Snaking into September …

As Summer temperatures slip away and our Wisconsin weather feels more Autumn-like, snakes can often be seen sunning themselves on the roadways.

This Eastern Hognosed snake made his way onto our property last Fall and we hope to see more of his cousins this year. They’re a beneficial snake and are non-venomous. They can behave like a rattlesnake and can even mimic the behavior of a viper, so if you aren’t certain which species you’re dealing with, please let it go on its way unhindered.

Answering Lilla Rose questions …

Good morning!

I’ve had quite a few ladies ask me about selling Lilla Rose. I thought it might be easier to make one post on the subject that I can share, rather than rewriting it repeatedly and possibly missing a few points.

~ You get a free replicated website. No charge, ever.
~ There are no quotas to stay active. Order once per year and you’re covered.
~ Sales supplies are affordable; they aren’t making money off of the consultants’ needs.
~ The products aren’t sold in retail establishments at all; it’s all through consultants.
~ You are your own advertising, simply by wearing the accessories.
~ The support from my upline and other consultants is unbelievably great!
~ Sell how you want: home parties, fairs & shows, online only, catalog parties.
~ It’s a stable company, but not so well known as to saturate geographic areas with consultants.
~ Building a downline is easy because women want to sign up to buy at reduced cost.

Want to learn more? Check out the Opportunity link on my Lilla Rose site.


Sara’s Line Art

Our Sara (age 13) has been working on line art.

Wikipedia defines line art as “any image that consists of distinct straight or curved lines placed against a (usually plain) background, without gradations in shade (darkness) or hue (color) to represent two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects. Line art can use lines of different colors, although line art is usually monochromatic. Line art emphasizes form and outline, over color, shading, and texture. However, areas of solid pigment and dots can also be used in addition to lines. The lines in a piece of line art may be all of a constant width (as in some pencil drawings), of several (few) constant widths (as in technical illustrations), or of freely varying widths(as in brush work or engraving).”

Roaring Lioness Line Art

She would love to have some opinions on her work, so please leave them in the comments.

Black Friday Sale!!!

The Black Friday sale has been announced!

Shop Now

Shop Now!

20% off all items and up to 50% off select items
Free Shipping on orders over $50

Begins Friday November 28th at 12AM PST and ends at midnight PST Sunday November 30th!

This is the time to fill in all the empty spots on your Christmas list. Lilla Rose accessories work for every hair type and style.

Migraine Monday

This morning’s post did not go out due to a weekend of migraine madness.

Migraine Illustration by Bernard Maisner

Migraine Illustration by Bernard Maisner ~ Click for WSJ Article

It started Saturday night and was apparently induced by a weather change, as we had mist and rain all day on Sunday.

Do you suffer from migraines? Do you know your triggers? Please share how you cope in the comments.

Hopefully we’ll be back to our homeschooling/homesteading/etc. Monday posts as usual, next week.