Migraine Monday

This morning’s post did not go out due to a weekend of migraine madness.

Migraine Illustration by Bernard Maisner

Migraine Illustration by Bernard Maisner ~ Click for WSJ Article

It started Saturday night and was apparently induced by a weather change, as we had mist and rain all day on Sunday.

Do you suffer from migraines? Do you know your triggers? Please share how you cope in the comments.

Hopefully we’ll be back to our homeschooling/homesteading/etc. Monday posts as usual, next week.

Meet Emmaus

Meet Emmaus

Today’s blog entry was written by 13 year old Sara.

Our family always loved seeing Pyrenees at dog events and in videos. When we heard there were Livestock Guard Dog puppies for sale in Kansas we knew we had to get one. My mom looked at the puppies they had available and she found a little white female. When some friends heard about it they asked us if we could bring a female for their goat herd. It turned out that Grandpa and Uncle Bobby were going to Missouri. Uncle Bobby decided he wanted a puppy, too. Grandpa met the lady halfway between her Kansas place and the town in Missouri where Grandpa and Uncle Bobby had been staying. They loaded up all three puppies!

While we waited for them to return to Wisconsin we came up with the name Emmaus which is the name of a road in the Bible. When she arrived she was just a little white ball of fluff! For awhile she stayed in the house and loved to sleep by the big box fan, and to get on our big couch. When it came time to make a place for her outside we had an extension of our barn so she could hear and smell the goats but they could not butt her and hurt her in some way. We had a little chicken access door that we soon opened and had a crate in front of the hole so she could see them. One day I went out and she had somehow got out and was playing in the pen, so after that she was allowed in with the goats.


When she was about a year old she started to chase the goats and be protective over her food, so I started training her out of those things. She knows the basics (Sit, Down, Stay, you know!) and she is much better. She is learning agility and some fun tricks too!

I love that we got her. Crockett is very happy to have a second dog around. His story will be coming soon.

They are the best dogs ever!

If you would like to know more or have any questions please ask me.

Thank you,


Homeschool Tip ~ Use YouTube

YouTubeLogoWhen my children think we’re taking a break from school, I sneak in some subliminal education with the help of YouTube.

How can you do the same?

Sign up with YouTube or log into your Google account. If you have Gmail, you have a Google account.

Click this link to view all of your subscriptions. Bookmark the link to easily return to your subscription list.

Here are some of the channels to which we subscribe …

Biology & Animals
The Los Angeles Zoo
The Cincinnati Zoo
The Columbus Zoo
The Ornery Biologist

Smarter Every Day
Mr. Teslonian
Applied Science
Sixty Symbols
David Rives Ministries
Deep Sky Videos
Periodic Videos

Farm, Garden, and Homestead
An American Homestead
Food Farmer Earth
Cooking Up a Story
Michigan Snowpony

Self-Sufficiency Skills
Wilderness Outfitters
Southern Prepper
Self Reliance Outfitters
Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft

Hunting and Fishing
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Kentucky Afield

World Cultures
Emmy Eats
British Pathé
Glamour Daze
Tatyana’s Everyday Food

I love to hear the kids say “Can we watch subscriptions?” because I know they’re going to learn while having fun.

Question: How do you use YouTube in your home school? Please feel free to recommend YouTube channels in the comments!

Lilla Rose 2 Day Sale!

Please bear with me, subscribers. I know you may not all be interested in Lilla Rose. Posts on many topics are coming! If it weren’t for the sale announcement, I wouldn’t have posted again so quickly about Lilla Rose.

Two Day Sale Nov 6-7 2014 - 2


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Lilla Rose!

October of 2014 was made a little more exciting for me when I learned I had won two different give-aways with a couple of days of each other.

Torah Family Living Give-AwayFirst, Heidi at Torah Family Living hosted a give-away for a Pimsleur audio CD set in Hebrew, her Psalm 119 Copywork book, and a pair of Lilla Rose Open Flower Gold Bobby Pins. The Bobby Pins are adorable and just perfect for securing headscarves or taming wispy hair around my ears.

Penny Lilla Rose Give-AwayBefore I learned that I had won Heidi’s contest, my friend Penny hosted a Lilla Rose give-away on her Facebook page. I won a Copper Rose Flexi Clip! I was pleasantly surprised when the gifts from both Penny and Heidi arrived in the mail on the same day.

Lilla Rose Copper Rose Flexi with ScarfI had to try out the clip right away, so I put it on over my scarf. It secures even my largest scarves without the need to knot the scarf under my hair. This means there is less bulk at the back of my neck.

I am so impressed with the quality of the clip and bobby pins that I decided to sign up to sell them. There aren’t many products that I find worth recommending to others, but these are worth it. Oh, and they also make Badge Clips which are perfect for those in the healthcare industry or anyone else who has to wear an ID daily.

Visit my Official Lilla Rose Shop!