About Our Family

Kenny and Michelle have been married for 22 years. Though both of us were born in Ohio, where we met and married, we have lived in Wisconsin since 1992. We live on a small farm in rural West Central Wisconsin with our six children. We homeschool the younger five children, and have already graduated our oldest child. We attend a small, independent Baptist church not far from our home.

Our children are Mara, Leah, Sara, Noah, Jada, and Judah. They range in age from 21 down to 7 years old.

The Clipner Kids in 2014

Favorite Quotes from the Kids

Judah (age 4) while running around the house with a clothes hamper over his head: “I’m a Hamper-Head Shark!”

Noah (age 9) ~ “This one! Oh, it smells so good!”, when choosing a read aloud book.

Jada (age 5) ~ “Can I be your boot cook?” When asked to repeat it, she again said “I want to be your boot cook.” I couldn’t figure out what she meant, so she explained “You know, like on TV, they have a shoe chef. I want to be your boot cook!” Shoe chef? Oh, she means SOUS CHEF!

Noah (age 9) ~ “At the dentist, why does everyone wear a mask? I mean, I brushed my teeth before I left so why don’t they want to smell my breath?”

Noah was about 5 years old when we realized he had watched too many episodes of Perry Mason. He was caught with his hand in a bag of bread, and crumbs on his face, so I confronted him about taking bread to eat between meals. Astonished that I would accuse him of this, he exclaimed “Do you have any evidence?”

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