Answering Lilla Rose questions …

Good morning!

I’ve had quite a few ladies ask me about selling Lilla Rose. I thought it might be easier to make one post on the subject that I can share, rather than rewriting it repeatedly and possibly missing a few points.

~ You get a free replicated website. No charge, ever.
~ There are no quotas to stay active. Order once per year and you’re covered.
~ Sales supplies are affordable; they aren’t making money off of the consultants’ needs.
~ The products aren’t sold in retail establishments at all; it’s all through consultants.
~ You are your own advertising, simply by wearing the accessories.
~ The support from my upline and other consultants is unbelievably great!
~ Sell how you want: home parties, fairs & shows, online only, catalog parties.
~ It’s a stable company, but not so well known as to saturate geographic areas with consultants.
~ Building a downline is easy because women want to sign up to buy at reduced cost.

Want to learn more? Check out the Opportunity link on my Lilla Rose site.


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