Why I have bought this book *FOUR TIMES* already …

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Once in a while, you get your hands on a book that becomes vital to your home library. Prescription for Nutritional Healing is just that book for me.

I first purchased this book soon after the 3rd Edition was released in early 2000. I used it to treat common illnesses in my family, to address concerns during pregnancies, and to double-check my initial instincts when it came to treating a variety of injuries or illnesses. I often received questions from friends regarding their health and felt a measure of reassurance when PNH corroborated my opinion.

This book is a fabulous reference! I can easily search for any condition and find lists of what is considered Essential, Very Important, Important, and Helpful to treat or prevent that condition. There is a more in-depth discussion section for each condition, as well, if I feel I need more information. I find the quick reference list to be a fabulous tool.

Sometime around 2008, an employee who worked for my husband experienced a worsening of her Lupus symptoms and was concerned about the direction that conventional medicine was taking her in. I had no familiarity with Lupus so rather than offer any advice, I instead offered my book for her to read. After a few months, she returned it to my husband and he forgot it in a drawer at work. Sometime after that, when I asked that he please bring it home as I needed it, he discovered it had gone. It’s possible that the employee, who had recently been forced to stop working due to her declining health, assumed that we were disinterested in the book and took it home. No matter how it happened, I no longer had my book.

In 2010, my husband’s job ended due to the “economic downturn” that was affecting the entire nation. We made the decision to move to the property we’d bought next to my parents, and packed our big family into a tiny, 2-bedroom trailer. While many of our books were put into storage, several hundred were packed into the trailer with us, stacked wherever we could put them because there wasn’t enough room for bookcases to hold them all.

During this time, I purchased a second copy of PNH. We were on a terribly tiny budget and being able to address medical issues at home rather than at the doctor’s office was of utmost importance. I referred to the book when needed, and it lived in a stack of books the rest of the time.

That stack of books was along an outside wall.
An outside wall that had an undiscovered leak.
Then it stormed for two weeks straight.
And many of our books were ruined by water damage and mold.

This resulted in the loss of hundreds upon hundreds of dollars worth of books which we could not hope to replace on the tiny budget we were living on. I noted the important titles and we disposed of them. We moved to a new home in June of 2017 and we are still clearing things from the trailer. This means we are still finding water damage that we didn’t know about, and still discovering damage to furnishings and other belongings. It has been heart-breaking.

We have now settled into our new home and one of my first book purchases was a third copy of PNH. But I did not receive what I expected!

That little book is laying on top of a full-sized copy of Prescription for Herbal Healing — a book that I have not yet delved deeply into, but it appears to be as excellent a reference as the 3rd edition of PNH has been.

But that tiny copy of PNH is not at all what I was looking for. There is no index of conditions with lists of what is Essential, Very Important, Important, and Helpful.

And that is why I bought PNH for the fourth time. I find the small version, which I linked above but do not recommend, to be nearly useless to me in comparison to the bigger 3rd edition.

This time I got a ring-bound edition and I love it! I highly recommend opting for that if it’s available when you make your purchase. You can also take your book to certain office supply stores and have them do the ring binding for you.

If you are serious about taking control of your health, or about seeking more natural prevention and treatment of conditions, then Prescription for Nutritional Healing is a must-have in your library.

I’m expanding my library! I would love recommendations for more books similar to PNH. Please comment with title suggestions and why you find them vital to your home library. I’m sure my husband will be super pleased to fund my book addiction based on your suggestions. 😉

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