Cooking on a woodstove …

I recently shared on Facebook about our experiment in cooking on top of our woodburning stove. The stove isn’t intended for cooking, but it works quite well.

In this photo you can see the first meal we made on it. The small pan held a pound of grass-fed ground beef that was easily and thoroughly cooked from it’s frozen state. The large pot held all the veggies, stock, and leftover rice for our vegetable beef soup. We added the beef to the large pot when the meat was fully cooked. The skillet held seasoned red potatoes. I kept enough water in the pan to cover the bottom throughout the cooking process. Our only issue was that a couple of the potatoes were cut too large compared to the others and didn’t cook as quickly. The meal was a huge success and the house smelled marvelous.

This photo is a side dish for tonight’s meal. I pre-heated the skillet and plopped in cold leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving from four days ago. It fried up nicely.

I want to buy two or three of these cast iron trivets so that I’m not placing cold pans directly on the surface of the stove. They’re going on my Christmas list.

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