Homeschool Tip ~ Use YouTube

YouTubeLogoWhen my children think we’re taking a break from school, I sneak in some subliminal education with the help of YouTube.

How can you do the same?

Sign up with YouTube or log into your Google account. If you have Gmail, you have a Google account.

Click this link to view all of your subscriptions. Bookmark the link to easily return to your subscription list.

Here are some of the channels to which we subscribe …

Biology & Animals
The Los Angeles Zoo
The Cincinnati Zoo
The Columbus Zoo
The Ornery Biologist

Smarter Every Day
Mr. Teslonian
Applied Science
Sixty Symbols
David Rives Ministries
Deep Sky Videos
Periodic Videos

Farm, Garden, and Homestead
An American Homestead
Food Farmer Earth
Cooking Up a Story
Michigan Snowpony

Self-Sufficiency Skills
Wilderness Outfitters
Southern Prepper
Self Reliance Outfitters
Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft

Hunting and Fishing
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Kentucky Afield

World Cultures
Emmy Eats
British Pathé
Glamour Daze
Tatyana’s Everyday Food

I love to hear the kids say “Can we watch subscriptions?” because I know they’re going to learn while having fun.

Question: How do you use YouTube in your home school? Please feel free to recommend YouTube channels in the comments!

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