Intermittent Fasting: February 2017 Results

A few months ago, I came across the concept of intermittent fasting. See my initial blog post here.

My February Results: I did not weigh myself when I began. Initially I wanted to see if I could stick with it, and if I would experience any adverse symptoms of low blood sugar. I haven’t felt unwell while doing this.

I’ve felt hungry before bed a few times and I’ve definitely felt hungry just before it was time to eat at Noon. That’s the point of the concept, though. I chose the pattern of eating between Noon and 8pm, and fasting from 8pm to Noon the following day. I consume nothing but water. I don’t even resort to chewing a stick of gum.

What follows is a daily diary of my fasting “regimen”. Keep in mind that I did not intend to weight myself, change my diet, increase my activity level, or stop drinking soda pop. I only intended to see if I’m able to fast for 16 hours daily, and to see if I can commit myself to it. March is the month for dietary changes.

I started the evening of February 10. I didn’t decide to keep a daily log until a few days later. From the evening of the 10th until my entry on February 15th, I generally began eating around 12:30 and stopped by 8:45, if not earlier. It was a time of adjusting to this habit. In addition, the late night (8:45) was a dinner out with friends followed by coffee. Although black coffee is allowed during fasting times, I had added cream and sugar to the cups I drank after dinner.

February 15: I was running errands when it came time to eat at Noon. I grabbed a fast food chicken sandwich and large Dr. Pepper. I wasn’t interested in the fries, so I passed those to the children when I got home. Mid-afternoon I grabbed a 16 oz bottle of Dr. Pepper and started drinking it. By 5 o’clock I felt nauseous. Two slices of toast with margarine and a cup of hot tea (with sugar and milk) were consumed around 5:30pm. {+++++}

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