Learn More about Lyme

A Lyme infection can be fairly straightforward. You remove a tick, see a rash after a few days, your doctor prescribes 10 days of Doxycycline, and you never have another issue.

Then there are folks like our Sara, who had a tick bite in 2009 and wasn’t diagnosed with Lyme until late 2016. That means Lyme has had plenty of time to burrow itself into various nooks and crannies, to multiply and attack.

With a diagnosis of Chronic Lyme comes a desire to know exactly what kind of a monster you’re up against. I’ve found several resources that I readily recommend.

Healing Well’s Lyme Disease Forum
Facebook Lyme Disease Group
Facebook Women’s Lyme Disease Support Group

These are the folks that are in the trenches, dealing with Lyme infection every single day. They’ve rifled through all the medical information, alternative health information, and even the quackery in a desperate bid to be well.

While I would love to provide links to credible medical and government websites, I cannot. They simply don’t exist. It took decades for CDC to even admit that repeated testing is necessary to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. I’m still waiting for CDC to stop recommending Lyme tests that have been proven to be inaccurate.

But we don’t make headway by chasing after inadequate resource groups. We move on and find information where it is readily available. I’ll add to this list as I find more trustworthy information. Please suggest links!

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