Life of Fred Math Contest!

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Contest Closed 1

Back in November, we announced an upcoming give-away on the Life Of Fred Fans Facebook page. While we weren’t looking, the page surpassed 1,000 fans, so it’s time to announce the contest!

Our family has tried many different math curricula since we first decided to homeschool our children over 18 years ago. Some worked a bit, some not at all, but none worked so well for all of our children as Life of Fred.

Soon we were fielding more and more questions about Life of Fred, so we decided it was time to create a Facebook fan page. After all, it’s much better for many folks to be able to answer questions, than just our family. We still have not progressed through all of the books in the series, so there are certainly other folks who can better answer some questions than we.

To fulfill Facebook’s legal requirements for a proper give-away, we have opted to use Rafflecopter to choose a winner for us. At the end of the contest, Rafflecopter will help us choose a winner who will receive the Life of Fred book of their choice (up to a $20 value).

Liking the Facebook page will give you 5 points, and is a mandatory entry. If you leave a comment here on this blog post, you will earn 3 points. Each and every day you can tweet about the give-away for an additional 2 points earned daily.

So comment, like, tweet, and share your way to a potential win!


Contest Closed 1


Life of Fred Math Contest! — 138 Comments

  1. we LOVE Fred! We tell all of our friends about Fred and his adventures in Life of Fred and would love more Fred books! Hoping to satisfy my son’s love of Life of Fred and his growing passion with math with more books! Thank you!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love the face book page. The information gained from others experience has been so helpful !


  3. We just started using the fractions book in our homeschool with our 12 year old son. He has grown so much in his understanding of the concepts. Thanks LoF! We will continue on to the Decimals book soon. Did I mention he loves it!

  4. I would like to win the Algebra book. I have not tried Life of Fred yet but I plan to use it for my daughter next year.

  5. What a great contest – though we don’t have a Twitter account, so can’t help you out there.
    We love Life of Fred – never have I (or my son) experienced so much giggling and joy while working through a math book. It’s simply brilliant! We’d love to win Kidneys.

  6. We love Life of Fred! It’s made a big difference for my 8 year old – prior to Fred she drifted through math assignments and didn’t seem to retain anything. She asks for Fred first thing in homeschool. Thanks!

  7. We have just finished MathUSee Delta and will be going through the LOF elementary series before we start fractions. He’s zipped through the series so far to Ice Cream, and now we’re slowing down a bit to really get the concepts. I’m curious to see how well he “gets it” after these next couple of books. I love the humor in them!

  8. We only have 2 Life of Fred books (both aquired at homeschool book swaps). My 11 yr. old loves them! And she’d love to get one that’s on her level! Then, again the littles might be jealous! Anyway, God bless the winner!

  9. My daughter is loving Life of Fred. My oldest son is stealing his little sister’s books to read through them for fun, though he’s well above that level. We would love to win Fractions.

  10. I’m not sure which book I’d like to win – my wife will have to evaluate what we have and tell me which we need!

  11. Since we started borrowing the Life With Fred books from a friend, my son actually begs to do math first!Before it was always a dreaded subject. We love Fred! We would love to win any of the elementary series!

  12. I’ve been really impressed reading all the great reviews on all the Life of Fred books. We’re starting homeschooling next year and would love to add this curriculum to our studies!

  13. We have been using LIfe of Fred for two years now, and we LOVE! I’d love to add to our slowly expanding collection. We have seven children, so that would be a big help! Thanks!

  14. We just bought the pre-algebra 1 with biology book, and I can tell that this is going to be a favorite series for my daughter. Would love to win any of the higher math books.

  15. LOF has changed our school forever! We will not use anything else. Thanks Stan for all your hard work, we appreciate you.

  16. We just started Fred today and my boys love it! I’ve never heard them begging to keep reading or to answer the problem first! We would love Butterflies, Cats or Dogs! 🙂

  17. I just ordered a few and have many of them, so I’d have to look at the list again. I’m pretty sure I don’t have algebra or geometry, so I would chose one of those. 🙂

  18. We enjoy Life of Fred. My older kids started with Fractions (before the elementary series was written) and I have since started my youngest with Apples. It’s a great series, and I have learned a lot, too.

  19. We were using Saxon and my kids HATED math. In looking for a change, we stumbled upon Life of Fred. My kids now LOVE math and actually laugh their way through their lessons! We’ll continue Life of Fred through high school with them!

  20. All 5 of my children and I really enjoy Life of Fred. It as been the most helpful math that we have found and we have tried a few! We really enjoy the silly stories. My kids actually enjoy our LoF time! I get no complaints, ever! You can’t beat that!! I started all my kids with Apples, even my 10 & 12 year old. I would rather have them breeze confidently through what they already know, than have them struggle because I started them on the wrong book!

  21. My kids are still in school, but we will remove them after the end of next year (a natural transition occurs then) or sooner if we move. We use LoF to supplement their education, with daily use across the summer break. Last summer, LoF was the only curriculum I used and my son’s teacher put this in his first quarter report card this year, “Matthew entered 4th grade having achieved significant gains in his reading level, nearly a fully grade level above where he ended 3rd grade…”

  22. We are a Life of Fred family!

    I suppose I would need either Geometry or Advanced Algebra next. Although, my son says he can’t wait to get to calculus! 🙂

  23. We have struggled to find the right math that fits our family. I like the laid back approach to LoF and would love to give it a try 🙂

  24. I just bought the entire gradeschool set. My 7 year old is devouring them. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to actually “schedule” them in. He declared today that math is his “absolutely favorite subject”. This from a child who basically hated every minute of school just a month ago. LOF. Best homeschool purchase yet. So my husband has declared. We are happy customers.

  25. My sister has recommending LOF as we begin our homeschooling adventure. I’m excited to see how my son takes to it.

  26. We just discovered LOF this weekend – we got the first book and my son read and did the activities in 2 days – bought the 2nd book today and he’s already worked his was through half of that. He loves it and is excited about getting more.

  27. We own (and use) Apples through Honey…and have Fractions and Decimals/Percents. With 4 boys we are all over the place, in different books. I need to get the intermediate set first and then the later high school books. LOVE Life of Fred!

  28. This would be an awesome blessing! My gang haas been waiting for mom to have the $$ to get this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  29. Thanks for the opportunity to win! My son starts kindergarten next year and I stumbled upon your books. I think these would be perfect for him.

  30. Switching from a super repetitive 1st grade curriculum to Life of Fred Apples has saved our homeschooling journey. My son absolutely giggles through every lesson and laughed for hours about the silly bird that likes “carrots cooked in gasoline” I am so happy to have found Life of Fred and we will be starting Butterflies very soon.

  31. Just found out about Life of Fred after 8 years of fighting with my daughter to do her math. Hoping that going back to the beginning will help with retention for her.

  32. Life of Fred has brought excitement to our math time. My daughter will be starting geometry this fall and I would love to win this book.

  33. I love Fred! I’m not sure which book to choose. My kids are in the Elementary series, but I’m thinking Calculus so I can satisfy my curiosity about Fred’s origins!

  34. I love Fred and my 8 year old enjoys him too (but don’t ask him he will say he hates anything school-ish). I think the thing I like the most is that it only has a couple of questions at the end of the chapter. My son doesn’t put up with busy work so I can usually get him to do the few at the end with minimal complaining. Thanks Fred!

  35. We LOVE Life of Fred!!!! Thank you so much for this giveaway. I’ve been buying one book a month. Wish I could buy more.

  36. We are a South African family who will start with Fred one of these days. I have just imported a couple of LOF books for other home school parents here in South Africa, to be able to spread the Fred-love quicker.

  37. LOF is my sons favorite dinner read aloud! It’s very easy for his yet, but the humor is enjoyed by slaps on the forehead,”what was he thinking” moment with plenty of laughs! I would hope to win the Algebra book for myself! It will be a few short years before my Kathy son is there and I would love to brush up on a subject that I used to lovewhen I was in school. I have previewers a friends Pre-Algebra book and it is pure happiness! LOL!

  38. We would be blessed to win the first Life of Fred book. We are looking for a new math curriculum for next year and would love to try out Life of Fred.

  39. If I win I think I would like the first LoF book. I have not had a chance to read any of the books but have heard great things. I would love an opportunity to try these books out to see if it would be a good for for our family.

  40. My husband has been reading the LOF series to our girls at bedtime. It’s a winning combo. Girls love the books and learning from dad is great. Dad loves time with girls and knowing that he is contributing to the homeschooling adventure. I love a quiet alone time before bed, and a large share of the math responsibility off my shoulders!

  41. I want math to be exciting and fun for my homeschooler. After much research, I found your Life of Fred series to have received excellent reviews. It would be wonderful to win a free book as we start 5th grade math this year. Much thanks for making math enjoyable and fun!

  42. I’d love to win a free book, as I live in India, and we don’t get them here. My son read two chapters of a sample book on a website, and loved it.

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