Throwback to November 10, 2010

NOTE: This post is six years old. It was first posted on our old blog in 2010, right after we finished moving from Black River Falls to Tomah.

The big move is behind us …

Our move is behind us and we are settled into our new home. It seems we were just in time as Fall is disappearing and the nip of Winter is in the air.

The children have enjoyed time out-of-doors, free to roam and play in a way we could never allow when we lived in town.


With Grandma and Grandpa living just down the drive from us, the children are able to walk over to visit or help out with necessary tasks. They have been enlisted to groom the dog, carry wood, rake grass clippings and so on.

This fulfills one of our great desires in making this move: that we are able to help my parents as much as and as often as they need us to do so.

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REMINDER: Register with the DPI

It’s that time of year again for Wisconsin homeschool families. We need to register our intent to homeschool with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. We live in a state with one of the most lenient homeschooling laws. It treads on our freedoms, but not as heavily as in other states. We simply file a form indicating that we intend to educate our children at home and attest to the fact that we aren’t filing simply to excuse truancy.

Filing WI DPI Form

Why didn’t we register earlier?

Our local public schools give a student count to the state by the third Friday of September. If a homeschooling family registers prior to that date, our children are counted among the students due to the fact that they could potentially enter the local school system. In other words, early registration with the WI DPI would cost taxpayers the expenses of educating my children, even though none of them will actually be in the schools!

Why do we register now?

Registration is due by October 15th but we file on October 1st. Although it is all handled online, it’s still a good idea to have a due date established in one’s mind. Choosing October 1st hearkens back to those long ago (okay, three years ago) days when we had to file a paper by mail and be sure they received it by the fifteenth of the month.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the Wisconsin Parents Association’s article on the subject.

Know the laws in your state! The Home School Legal Defense Association has a great resource at this link.

Lilla Rose Fall Styles

School is officially in session!

The 2016-2017 school year has begun for our family. We began homeschooling when our oldest child was old enough to be registered with the WI DPI in 1999, so this marks the beginning of our 17th year.

This year we have two senior high students, a middle school student, and two elementary students. Our oldest has graduated, married, and has welcomed her first child!

We’ve always taken an unconventional approach, using life learning and various methods to teach our children to learn rather than teaching them rote facts.

LEARN Blocks For all of our lack of convention, there is one area that requires consistency and method, and that is mathematics. We have found that a combined approach of life learning (games, etc.), Khan Academy, and Life of Fred textbooks works best for our children.

I recently learned the Khan Academy has released apps for young learners so we’ll be testing those out this year.

Question: If you homeschool, which mathematics coursework do you prefer? What didn’t work for you?

Lilla Rose with Michelle

A visit to Necedah …

Our family loves to visit the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge. This year it has been difficult to get there on a regular basis. Yesterday we finally made the short trek, even though most of our family members are recovering from summertime colds. Time in the sun is a sure cure, right?

They have a great Visitor’s Center that makes use of solar energy and water catchment systems to reduce their impact on the environment.

While walking around the boardwalk, I came upon this dragonfly. Can you help me identify the species?

Dragonfly at Necedah 28 Aug 2016

We’re hoping to have one or two hiking days there and, if I can twist his warm, a trip out with Dad in our canoe!

Have you ever been to the Refuge? Please leave a comment telling us what your favorite activity was!

Check out their Facebook page, too.

Lilla Rose with Michelle

ALERT: Amazon Prime on SALE

For today — September 25 — only, Amazon Prime is on sale! The normal yearly fee is $99 but is reduced to $67 today.

What Amazon Prime Includes:

~ Free 2-Day Shipping On Millions of Items
~ Unlimited Instant Steaming of Amazon Instant Watch
~ Borrow Kindle Books for Free
~ Unlimited Steaming of Prime Music
~ Unlimited Photo Storage

Already signed up? I have not confirmed this, but I am told that you can gift yourself the membership. When confirming the gift tell it to start from the day after your membership expires and make sure you turn off auto-renew.

When we signed up, I was uncertain whether we would use it. Now that I’ve discovered a love for doing reviews [blog post coming soon] I couldn’t be without it. I’ll admit to binge watching Inspector Lewis.

This is the perfect time for you to sign up, as holiday shopping is just around the corner!

Sign up for Amazon Prime

Snaking into September …

As Summer temperatures slip away and our Wisconsin weather feels more Autumn-like, snakes can often be seen sunning themselves on the roadways.

This Eastern Hognosed snake made his way onto our property last Fall and we hope to see more of his cousins this year. They’re a beneficial snake and are non-venomous. They can behave like a rattlesnake and can even mimic the behavior of a viper, so if you aren’t certain which species you’re dealing with, please let it go on its way unhindered.

Answering Lilla Rose questions …

Good morning!

I’ve had quite a few ladies ask me about selling Lilla Rose. I thought it might be easier to make one post on the subject that I can share, rather than rewriting it repeatedly and possibly missing a few points.

~ You get a free replicated website. No charge, ever.
~ There are no quotas to stay active. Order once per year and you’re covered.
~ Sales supplies are affordable; they aren’t making money off of the consultants’ needs.
~ The products aren’t sold in retail establishments at all; it’s all through consultants.
~ You are your own advertising, simply by wearing the accessories.
~ The support from my upline and other consultants is unbelievably great!
~ Sell how you want: home parties, fairs & shows, online only, catalog parties.
~ It’s a stable company, but not so well known as to saturate geographic areas with consultants.
~ Building a downline is easy because women want to sign up to buy at reduced cost.

Want to learn more? Check out the Opportunity link on my Lilla Rose site.