REMINDER: Register with the DPI

It’s that time of year again for Wisconsin homeschool families. We need to register our intent to homeschool with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. We live in a state with one of the most lenient homeschooling laws. It treads on our freedoms, but not as heavily as in other states. We simply file a form indicating that we intend to educate our children at home and attest to the fact that we aren’t filing simply to excuse truancy.

Filing WI DPI Form

Why didn’t we register earlier?

Our local public schools give a student count to the state by the third Friday of September. If a homeschooling family registers prior to that date, our children are counted among the students due to the fact that they could potentially enter the local school system. In other words, early registration with the WI DPI would cost taxpayers the expenses of educating my children, even though none of them will actually be in the schools!

Why do we register now?

Registration is due by October 15th but we file on October 1st. Although it is all handled online, it’s still a good idea to have a due date established in one’s mind. Choosing October 1st hearkens back to those long ago (okay, three years ago) days when we had to file a paper by mail and be sure they received it by the fifteenth of the month.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the Wisconsin Parents Association’s article on the subject.

Know the laws in your state! The Home School Legal Defense Association has a great resource at this link.

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