School is officially in session!

The 2016-2017 school year has begun for our family. We began homeschooling when our oldest child was old enough to be registered with the WI DPI in 1999, so this marks the beginning of our 17th year.

This year we have two senior high students, a middle school student, and two elementary students. Our oldest has graduated, married, and has welcomed her first child!

We’ve always taken an unconventional approach, using life learning and various methods to teach our children to learn rather than teaching them rote facts.

LEARN Blocks For all of our lack of convention, there is one area that requires consistency and method, and that is mathematics. We have found that a combined approach of life learning (games, etc.), Khan Academy, and Life of Fred textbooks works best for our children.

I recently learned the Khan Academy has released apps for young learners so we’ll be testing those out this year.

Question: If you homeschool, which mathematics coursework do you prefer? What didn’t work for you?

Lilla Rose with Michelle

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