Throwback to March 19, 2011

NOTE: This post originally appeared on our old blog. I’ve moved it here for posterity. I hope you enjoy a look back with us!

We finally ordered our garden seeds!

Yesterday Kenny and I found the time to sit together and make the final decision on what seeds to order for this year’s garden.

We knew from the start that we would order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at It’s important to us to raise heirloom varieties. We have several reasons for this, including propagating rare varieties as well as being able to save the seeds from our produce for future gardens.


We are planning a large garden to provide fresh food as well as extra for preserving.  My parents will benefit from the bounty, as well.

Our local Tractor Supply store has announced that they’ll host a Farmer’s Market this season at no cost. How exciting! We ordered ample seeds for our own use as well as to sell at the market. Here’s the list!

Amish Paste ~ Chosen for canning and sauces.  We liked this variety because it hails from Wisconsin.
Ferris Wheel ~ This variety was released in 1907 out of LaCrosse, WI, so should do well for us.
Mortgage Lifter ~ It would be wonderful if the name held true for us, would it not?
Dr. Wyche’s Yellow ~ Kenny likes yellow tomatoes and this one is supposed to be popular at markets.
Nature’s Riddle ~ This is a marvelously ugly tomato!

Pride of Wisconsin ~ Chosen because we had confidence it would do well in our climate and it is very rare.
Minnesota Midget ~ The reviews were great on this, it comes from a similar climate and I just thought they’d be cute to grow.

Red Wing Lettuce Mix ~ This mix has beautiful color.
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach ~ I love spinach fresh or cooked and this one is supposed to be somewhat mild.

Purple Beauty ~ These look marvelous!
Chinese 5 Color ~ Purple, Cream, Yellow, Orange, Red and Screaming Hot.
Jupiter ~ We wanted a disease-resistant bell that would do well at market.
Lipstick ~ The name of this one was so odd that we had to read about it.  The information seems promising, so we’ll give it a try.

Cherokee Trail of Tears ~ So named because the seeds were carried on the Trail by the Cherokee.
Blue Lake Bush ~ Long heralded in my family as a great grower!
Henderson’s Black Valentine ~ Ready in 53 days and great for snap beans or soup beans.
Old Homestead ~ This is a Kentucky Wonder, which is another with a strong tradition in my family.
Purple Podded Pole ~ The pods look beautiful and grow to be 6″ long.

Cosmic Purple ~ The words “excitement at farmers’ markets” drew us in to read the excellent reviews.
Little Finger ~ This baby carrot is supposed to grow well and it’s sweet.
Jaune Obtuse du Doubs ~ A true yellow carrot that is ready early.  I can’t wait to try this one myself!

Tall Telephone ~ Introduced in 1881 and fascinating reviews!

Country Gentleman ~ We wanted to grow a traditional shoepeg corn and this one is sweet, to boot.
Rainbow Sweet Inca ~ The beautiful colors earned the “Rainbow” part of it’s name.  I’m looking forward to home-ground corn meal.
Wade’s Giant Indian Flint ~ The photo below (from the Baker Creek web site) explains why this one was chosen.


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