Throwback to March 20, 2011

Note: This post originally appeared on the “Our Cedar Cottage” blog we used to update on Blogspot. Since the time of that posting, both Grey-C and Baby were determined to be girls.

Kitty Update …

Some of our friends and family members will remember that we started out with five kittens last Fall. One came from a farm where our friend Joe works and the other four were part of the same litter at a farm near our home. The four in that litter died within a five-day time frame and we never learned the cause.

Grey C. is the kitten that survived. She (at least we think she is a she) is healthy and happy and permanently outdoors now that the frigidly cold winter is behind us. She likes to lurk on the deck and slip into the inner porch where she scratches and mews at the door to be let in.


This week a new kitty showed up at our place. She (At least we think she is a she.) turned up under our deck, which is enclosed so we had to wonder how she had gotten under there. She found her way out and by afternoon responded to calls of “Baby Kitty” but not really to “Kitty” alone. And so she named herself “Baby”. She approaches us now, however timidly, and loves to be cuddled. She hisses at Grey C., though.


I suppose at some point we should determine their respective genders or we may well have more baby kitties calling Cedar Cottage Farm their home.

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